A healthy place for everyone

A healthy place for everyone

Outlook Inc is using the Achievement Program to create a healthy place for staff and volunteers alike.

When Outlook Inc joined the Achievement Program in 2014, they discovered that creating a healthy place takes a combination of understanding your needs and building on your values.

Outlook Inc is a Cardinia Shire social enterprise with a diverse workforce that includes people with a disability. They are committed to enabling people with a disability to have the same rights and opportunities as other members of our community.

With the help of health promotion organisation Monash Health, Outlook Inc took the Achievement Program framework and applied it to their unique circumstances as a workplace with a high number of volunteers and employees who have a disability.

One of the key values at Outlook Inc is being ‘people-focused’. Already accredited with health and safety initiatives such as White Ribbon and the Commonwealth and State Disability Standards, Outlook’s first step was to consult with staff and find out what their priorities were for workplace health.

Mental health and wellbeing was identified as a key area of need, along with smoking cessation. Outlook Inc used the Achievement Program benchmarks to establish mental health initiatives such as more opportunities for staff/volunteers to give feedback, introducing an annual service awards process and a process to recognise staff who ‘go the extra mile’.

Further health initiatives included stretching exercises for outdoor staff and volunteers, removing vending machines, access to chilled water, no smoking on work sites and fruit bowls in all worksite kitchens. Feedback from staff identified that for some this was their only source of fresh fruit.

Outlook Inc have completed foundation steps such as establishing a team and conducting an audit and are now well on their way to achieving the mental health and wellbeing health priority area of the Achievement Program.

Outlook’s tips for creating a healthy workplace include:

  • Get management involved to lead the change and inspire staff and volunteers
  • Use open communication to help develop trust, and help people share when something is working
  • Use your existing policies and procedures – you’re probably already doing great work!
  • Learn from others – sharing documentation between neighbourhood houses and NGOS has meant everyone in their network now has access to knowledge, learnings and support to create a healthier workplace.

Register with the Achievement Program now to find out how you too can build a healthier workplace.

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