Victorian primary students on the move

Victorian primary students on the move

Transform-Us! is a whole-of-school approach to physical activity which promotes moving throughout the day to help students’ learn and improve their health and wellbeing.

Did you know that the Transform-Us! program is running in Victoria? As a scaled-up program that promotes increased physical activity for children in Victoria, it is currently available to all Victorian Primary schools and teachers. It uses innovative strategies within the classroom, school and home settings to get students moving more and sitting less – and it’s free.

Transform-Us! is about creating an active and supportive environment to help children move more and sit less throughout the day. Children enjoy Transform-Us!, but, most importantly, it also enables young children to develop lifelong habits and enjoyment for physical activity while helping their learning.

Transform-Us! is proven to reduce children’s sitting time, increase physical activity and lower body mass index, waist circumference and improve other health outcomes. Teachers and students have also reported that they have greater concentration and improved time on task.

Inside the classroom, strategies include ways to get children moving during class lessons. For example, standing for a group discussion or incorporating active breaks that include ‘lesson refreshers’.

“Yes (it was easier to listen to my teacher), because we get refreshed and switched on” (Transform-Us! student)

Outside the classroom, strategies include providing class tubs of sports or circus equipment, using playground line markings for lessons, and setting active homework.

“The students loved it and made suggestions about what we could do” (Transform-Us! teacher)

Transform-Us! resources, which link to the Victorian curriculum, are made available after a short online training module. These can be used as supplied or modified according to the needs of students.

Free registration, training, and resources are available for schools and classroom teachers. Principals and teachers of schools in your area can register now at Transform-Us!

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