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Creating a united effort for better health and wellbeing

We know that prevention is better than a cure, so we are working hard to place prevention at the centre of efforts to deliver lasting improvements to the health and wellbeing of Victorians. By aligning our efforts across government, across organisations, and across communities, we can deliver real improvements to the lives of Victorians.

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HEALing Matters at Resi ROCKS

HEALing Matters at Resi ROCKS

This year’s Resi ROCKS event provided an opportunity for residential care workers from across Victoria to preview the new HEALing Matters initiative.

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Three ways we can create healthy change

A focus on places

Creating healthy places where we spend our time is at the heart of healthy change. By working collectively across our communities, and across our schools, workplaces and more, we will deliver positive change for all.


Putting people at the centre

Recognising the unique strengths, vulnerabilities and complexities of people and communities allows for a flexible, integrated and real-world response with people and populations at the centre. By placing people at the centre we can create better health and wellbeing for all.


Healthy and sustainable environments

The health of our environment impacts on the health of our population. To provide for the best possible health outcomes for Victorians, we are supporting healthy and sustainable environments and liveable, connected communities.

Where do you want to create change?

Policy to action Outcomes Partnerships

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