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Aligning prevention action across government and the wider sector

The Victorian Government is committed to delivering better health for all Victorians, with prevention placed at the heart of multiple strategies to deliver lasting changes to health and wellbeing outcomes and equity. These include:

  • Health vision statement, which will outline the Victorian Government's commitment to delivering better health, better access and better care for all Victorians.
  • Response to the Royal Commission on Family Violence, which has provided practical recommendations to prevent and address family violence.
  • 10 year prevention strategy, which will provide a high-level overview of the vision for primary prevention of family violence.
  • Victorian gender equality strategy, which will guide actions and priorities to work alongside the community towards a common goal of equal social, civic and economic participation for women
  • Roadmap for reform: strong families, safe children, which will deliver a child and family services system focused on strengthening communities to better prevent neglect and abuse; deliver early support for children and families at risk; keep more families together through crisis, and secure a better future for children who cannot live at home.
  • Education state, which is building an education system that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage.
  • An integrated approach to improving Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety in Victoria, developed from and based on principles of self-determination and co-design.
  • Victorian state disability plan 2017-2020, which is the Victorian Government’s vision is to build an inclusive community where people with a disability are supported and empowered to make choices that enable them to live a life they value.
  • Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan, which aims to ensure that all Victorians, particularly those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, experience the best possible health, including mental health, throughout their lives.
  • Victorian cancer plan 2016-2020, which provides a framework to improve cancer outcomes for all Victorians.
  • Response to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry, which includes establishing the Latrobe Valley Health Zone to improve health outcomes, develop a culture of healthy living, and address the region’s distinct social, economic and environmental concerns.
  • Plan Melbourne Refresh, which sees health incorporated into planning with the development of strategies to implement 20-minute neighbourhoods.


Prevention and Population Health Group
50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, 3000
Phone: (+613) 9456 4064
Email: prevention@health.vic.gov.au

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