Creating a culture of healthy alcohol use in the workplace

Creating a culture of healthy alcohol use in the workplace

When we think of workplace alcohol programs, we often think it’s a case of bringing in the 'fun police'. The City of Greater Dandenong has handled this tricky issue well, though, by creating a healthier workplace culture through the Achievement Program.

To be recognised as a healthy workplace that is addressing alcohol-related harm, the City of Greater Dandenong needed to make changes to the culture and physical environment, provide opportunities for better health and wellbeing, and create connections with the community.

To do this, they undertook the following actions for long-term change across the workforce.


  • City of Greater Dandenong's Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace policy was developed in consultation with staff and union representatives.
  • Managers and supervisors are trained to deal with alcohol and drugs in the workplace.
  • The staff induction program ensures all new staff are informed of the policy, expectations regarding alcohol use while at work and where to seek assistance.
  • Council is committed to supporting staff experiencing issues with drugs or alcohol rather than taking a punitive approach.
  • Employees and volunteers are also able to access support through specialist counselling and rehabilitation programs.

Physical environment

  • Council functions that provide alcohol must serve food and non-alcoholic drinks, and offers transport options such as public transport or taxi vouchers.


  • Council’s intranet page provides information on a range of support services and resources about responsible alcohol consumption and the Employee Assistance Program supports staff and/or their immediate family experiencing issues with alcohol.

Community connectedness

Council works with a range of stakeholders to address alcohol-related harm in the region, including sporting clubs; and has supported schools, early childhood services and workplaces to implement the Achievement Program.

The end result is a workplace where alcohol is served responsibly and improved staff health and wellbeing.

Find out more about how your organisation can create a healthier culture through the Achievement Program here.

What are you and your organisation doing to create a culture of healthy alcohol use in the workplace?
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