Creating a healthier workplace with the Achievement Program

Australian Arrow Pty Ltd is one of over 900 workplaces that are creating a healthier workforce with the Achievement Program.

Australian Arrow is a manufacturer of electrical distribution systems and electronic products for the Australian and international car industry. So far, they have achieved government recognition for their efforts in creating a healthy workplace through a focus on smoking, mental health and wellbeing and physical activity.

The Achievement Program steps workplaces through a process of developing a healthy culture, healthy physical environment, healthy community connections and health and wellbeing opportunities. It is based on the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplaces Model.

Australian Arrow prides itself on a “People First” philosophy, with strong commitment and support from Senior Management down.

Kim Holland, Work Health, Safety and Property Services Coordinator at Australian Arrow spoke about their commitment to health: "Our company considers health and wellbeing to be a very important component of achieving a safe and healthy work environment."

Over the years, Australian Arrow has invested in the health and wellbeing of their workforce, and they saw the Achievement Program as an opportunity to build on their existing efforts.

“We have continued to maintain a focus on health and wellbeing and when we had the opportunity to participate in the Achievement Program, we saw it was a chance to benchmark ourselves and to build on what we have already implemented,” Kim said.

Creating a healthy workplace means:

  • looking at the culture of the organisation, such as ensuring workplace policies are supportive, health is incorporated into staff inductions, and peer support is available
  • the physical environment, including providing flexible work arrangements
  • the opportunities available for staff to be healthy, such as links to information and support services
  • community connectedness, including contributing to the local community through fundraising events.

These are just some of the actions that Australian Arrow is undertaking to keep their staff healthy, happy and productive.

You can find more about the Achievement Program here .

What are you and your organisation doing to create a healthier workplace with the Achievement Program?
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