Creating Active Schools across Victoria

Creating Active Schools across Victoria

Most children and young people in Victoria are not getting enough physical activity and are missing out on the fun, friendships and health benefits that come with being active. An Active School encourages physical activity through a whole school approach that goes beyond traditional physical education and sport to promote physical activity at every opportunity.

The Active Schools initiative builds on existing programs and funding to boost support and resources for schools to get kids moving and help our children and young people to enjoy more physical activity. All schools will have access to an Active Schools toolkit from Term one in 2021. Some schools will receive a funding boost to help meet the costs of running sport, outdoor education and active recreation programs after school. Physical activity leaders will also provide on the ground support to around 800 schools and there will be a trial of innovative approaches to getting more adolescents active.

Active Schools will deliver additional supports in 2021 to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the Joint Ministerial Statement, signed by the Education, Community Sport and Health Ministers. It recognises there is no single solution to increasing children and young people’s physical activity levels. As such, Active Schools summarises actions that are needed, not just within the school gates, but beyond to create active families and communities. New partnerships and connections will be formed, for example between local clubs, community groups and schools to create more opportunities for young people to be active.

Opportunities exist for communities to consider what role they may play in supporting our children and young people to be more active. To find out how to become an active school go to the Active Schools website or email the team.

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