Creating healthy and liveable neighbourhoods in Cardinia Shire

Creating healthy and liveable neighbourhoods in Cardinia Shire

Cardinia Shire’s Liveability Plan 2017-29 is a collective commitment to enhancing the long-term liveability, health and wellbeing of the Shire.

The Liveability Plan provides a common agenda, framework and vision that ‘Cardinia Shire is a liveable, resilient community where the environment flourishes and residents are healthy, included and connected’.

Straying from the traditional plan development, an innovative planning approach was undertaken integrating liveability indicators within public health planning. This aims to make it easier to link the work the Council does to the impact it has on identified long-term outcomes for the community.

Utilising collective impact theory, a commitment was established across and between Council, health services, partner organisations and the community. Shared priorities and coordinating efforts were undertaken to make the best use of local resources. Six principles were developed to guide the partnership (see Strategic Directions paper p 23) and aligns with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Department of Health and Human Services place-based primary prevention principles.

A ‘Liveability Partnership Steering Group’ involving 20 partner organisations implements and monitors the plan. Community groups and residents are encouraged to contribute through participation in Council’s Community Leadership Program, Community Summits and Community Wellbeing grants.

The Liveability Plan aims to share leadership across the prevention system, where government, organisations, business and community groups can together create greater impact for our community. To see our plan, visit the website.

This work is highly relevant to all local government areas, particularly Interface Councils that sit on the edge of the Metropolitan Melbourne boundary. By engaging a range of key local partners and community to plan and work in collaboration, it is possible to have a shared vision, reduce duplication and create efficiencies.

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