Creating mentally healthy workplaces

Creating mentally healthy workplaces

One in five Australians will experience a mental health condition in any given year. The WorkWell Toolkit is a resource for employers to support them in building a mentally healthy workplace.

Australians spend at least one third of their time at work, and the workplace can either have a positive influence on mental health, or unfortunately, a negative one.

Alarmingly, currently 12 % of workers compensation claims are mental injuries and this number is increasing. Only half the employees with a mental injury return to work after six months. Sadly, after two years, over 30 percent have still not returned to work. The WorkWell Toolkit gives employers the resources to prevent mental injuries and promote mental health in their workplace.

Promoting mental health and wellbeing refers to the positive aspects of work. This may include:

  • building positive organisational cultures
  • ensuring work is meaningful and has a purpose
  • positive leadership practices, and
  • taking a strength-based approach to how employees are managed and developed.

Prevention refers to reducing work related risk factors that can contribute to poor mental health. This includes addressing organisational factors such as:

  • work demands
  • levels of control over work
  • supervisor support, and
  • relationships with colleagues.

We know many employers want to do something to improve mental health and wellbeing in their organisation but don’t know where to start. The WorkWell Toolkit is there to help employers find the resources they need. The Toolkit provides access to resources to help address organisational factors and root causes of poor mental health in the workplace – as well as practical actions to help build a mentally healthy working environment.

Make an impact and sign up to the WorkWell Toolkit for practical resources to create a mentally healthy workplace. Visit the website.

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