Drop the sugar!– calm classroom

Drop the sugar!– calm classroom

Bruthen Primary School has created calmer classrooms, focused students and less behavioural problems by addressing the food that children eat and drink at school.

The school canteen that was previously ordered from the local bakery and takeaway has been scrapped, a healthy food and drink policy installed, and water is the only drink allowed at school now. Parents and students cook the healthy canteen lunch weekly with produce grown from their own garden - which looks and tastes delicious.

Students learn about how food is grown, why it is good for them and gain skills in the kitchen too. This has altered staff, students and parents’ perceptions around lunchbox food, catering at meetings and fundraising to include a range of healthier options. Students are also showing greater independence in making their own lunchbox contents with the recipes they learn to cook at school.

“We have developed our garden using the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program and we recently received a $5,000 grant to improve our kitchen. This will ensure our healthy food program is sustainable into the future” Michelle Young, Principal.

Watch the video and get inspired to see how this primary school changed its attitude to healthy food and went from “not interested, are you serious” to an outstanding health promoting school.

Once you change your mindset, its simple to make the shift to healthier environments at school.

Gippsland Lakes Community Health are working with about 80% of the schools in their region which equates to about 2,000 students. When you take in staff and families, that expands out to about 4,000 people they are reaching with healthy eating messages and new behaviours.

Find out how the Achievement Program can help your school create sustainable change too.

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