Empowering parents to raise resilient teenagers

Empowering parents to raise resilient teenagers

A free evidence-based parenting program, Partners in Parenting (PiP), available online, is designed to improve parenting confidence and help prevent depression and anxiety disorders in teenagers.

Parents play an important role in protecting their child’s mental wellbeing. However, despite extensive research around how parents can help to reduce their teenager’s risk of mental health problems, practical evidence-based resources have not been easily accessible for parents. During COVID-19, the mental wellbeing of teenagers has been of even greater concern for many parents in Australia.

Partners in Parenting (PiP) is designed to empower parents with practical parenting tips and advice, which may reduce their teenager’s risk of depression or anxiety. PiP has helped over 1500 families so far, and has seen improvements in parenting skills, increased parenting confidence, and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety in teenagers.

The latest version of PiP, PiP+, includes new content on parenting during the pandemic, and an online community for parents to connect with each other. Monash University and Prevention United hope to see even more health providers recommending PiP+ to families, so that we can continue to see improvements in the mental wellbeing of teenagers around Australia.

PiP is an award-winning, evidence-based parenting program, led by Monash University’s Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health and delivered by Prevention United. It is based on a review of previous research studies and the consensus of international experts.

If you work with families with teenagers, consider adding PiP+ to your resources and share with your networks. Learn more about PiP+ by visiting the website.

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