Engaging older people in physical activity

Engaging older people in physical activity

A self-assessment tool is now available for organisations to reflect and review their physical activity programs for older people.

Physical activity is vitally important for the physical, mental, cognitive and social health and wellbeing of older people. The Victorian Active Ageing Partnership (VAAP) aims to increase physical activity opportunities for older Victorians. It has a focus on older people who may be socio-economically disadvantaged, isolated, and not currently involved in physical activity.

The VAAP Self-assessment Tool and Resources (SaTR) has been designed to assist organisations to review and reflect on current programs and activities, to think about what they are currently doing and if it might need to be improved. The SaTR takes a continuous quality improvement approach and is intended as a ‘value-adding’ tool.

The SaTR can also be used as a guide to establish physical activity programs for older people for the first time or establish new programs. The SaTR also offers ideas and resources to assist in further improving your physical activity services for older people.

Different versions of the SaTR have been created for use by fitness/leisure centres, local councils, community health centres, state sporting associations, U3As and neighbourhood houses/community centres. A version has also been specifically designed for use by YMCA fitness/leisure centres.

To find more about the SaTR and how to use it view this short video. Duration: 6:39

The development of the SaTR follows on from the formulation of an evidence-based best practice framework for engaging older people in physical activity. The framework helps to understand the characteristics and features of organisations and the workforce that are enablers and barriers to older people engaging in physical activity.

To find out more view the Infographic.

Musculoskeletal Australia is coordinating the VAAP in collaboration with Monash University, Fitness Australia and Vicsport.

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