Finding new ways of working to create a healthier Victoria

Finding new ways of working to create a healthier Victoria

The Healthy Eating Advisory Services (HEAS) is establishing new ways of working with large and diverse organisations to support healthy eating across Victoria.

The newly established Mentorship Program provides a collaborative platform for HEAS to work in partnership with workplaces, hospitals and health services, sport and recreation centres, parks and universities and will be extended to other organisations and sectors.

The free program requires leadership and ownership from interested organisations, including a formal commitment to healthy eating, demonstrated through the development and implementation of healthy eating organisational policies. Registering with the Achievement Program is also strongly encouraged.

In return, nominated staff members will be trained and supported to work closely with retail outlets, vending machine suppliers and caterers to improve healthy eating across the organisation for the long term. The end result is an increased capacity to deliver healthy choices, as well as a developing culture of healthy eating across the organisation.

Importantly, the support organisations receive through HEAS is the same advice organisations - including food manufacturers and distributors - across the state are receiving, setting a common standard for everyone in Victoria.

You can find out more information about HEAS here.

What are you and your organisation doing to find new ways of working to create a healthier Victoria?
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