Free training for early childhood services to support healthier eating

Free training for early childhood services to support healthier eating

Only 5% of Aussie kids are eating the recommended daily serves of veg, however early childhood educators can have a meaningful impact on the eating habits of the children in their care.

Research has shown that role modelling healthy eating behaviour to young children encourages them to eat healthy foods and develop healthy eating habits.

In support of the vital role educators play, an evidence-based training module especially designed for early childhood professionals has been developed to assist in teaching children the importance of healthy food.

Developed by HORT Innovation and the Healthy Eating Advisory Service (in conjunction with Nutrition Australia, CSIRO and Flinders University) this module has been designed to help educators:

  • Introduce foods in fun, engaging ways to combat fussy eating
  • Role model healthy eating
  • Reflect on what their centre does to promote healthy eating
  • Engage families in fostering healthy eating habits.

Participants will learn how role modelling healthy eating can assist in addressing fussy eating, the reasons why children often refuse healthy foods and how to implement ideas to address these barriers. This module has direct application to early childhood services and has been designed so educators can implement key findings into their work. The module is free to complete and only takes 45 minutes. By the end of the course participants will have a plan for how to promote healthy eating to the children at their service.

You can access the module training here. Why not share the module with your networks and relevant colleagues to encourage uptake of the training.

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