#HerTribe: Empowering Aboriginal Women in Victoria

#HerTribe: Empowering Aboriginal Women in Victoria

#HerTribe is a holistic healthy lifestyle and self-empowerment program, targeting Aboriginal women and their families in Victoria.

#HerTribe started as an innovative program to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal women by creating a culture of action, reflection and experimentation incorporating a wide variety of activities, including weekly empowerment and education sessions, weekly fitness sessions, and quarterly data collection and fitness testing. It achieved over 1000 points of contact with 121 Aboriginal women.

#HerTribe also developed into an Aboriginal Community led research project that engaged 88 Aboriginal women. The objectives of #HerTribe are to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal women
  • increase Aboriginal women’s capacity to take action and control of their own lives (self-efficacy)
  • create a support network of Aboriginal women and
  • acknowledge achievements and create Aboriginal Health Community champions.

Analysis of results from baseline to week 16 of the #HerTribe program revealed some significant results including; a decrease in psychological distress; an increase in multiple resilience-related strengths(including personal strength and relational-cultural strength); significant increases of self-care, self-esteem, community connection, social support, access to role-models, safety, cultural practices and spirituality; as well as an increase in cardio-vascular fitness.

See a snapshot of the #HerTribe journey.

For more information contact the VAHS Healthy Lifestyle Team via email or check out their Facebook page

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