If we want to be healthy we need to keep the planet healthy too

If we want to be healthy we need to keep the planet healthy too

The World Health Organization describes climate change as one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century. Climate change is already affecting Victorian education settings and workplaces, that’s why the Achievement Program is supporting members to take the new Climate and Health pathway.

The Achievement Program has launched a Climate and Health initiative to empower Victorian early childhood services, schools and workplaces to strengthen the environmental sustainability activities already in place and take new climate actions that also support health and wellbeing, which are to:

  • increase active travel
  • eat more plants
  • reduce waste
  • use less energy
  • connect with nature
  • get climate ready.

The six climate actions are woven into the Achievement Program’s Health Priority Areas such as healthy eating, physical activity and mental health and wellbeing but may be taken at any time, either as a part of a Health Priority Area or separately. To support education settings and workplaces to take climate and health action, there are dedicated Climate and Health resources such as factsheets which explain the climate actions, show the impact on health and link to helpful tools, resources and supporting programs

Education settings and workplaces can also draw inspiration from others already making healthy, sustainable changes. St Paul’s Primary School, in Mildura, is a great example of how healthy initiatives also have climate co-benefits. For example, promoting active transport, which benefits children’s physical health and helps reduce emissions. Also, by providing a healthy canteen with fresh fruit and vegetables, which encourages healthy eating and helps reduce the packaged waste from unhealthy foods.

To get involved, simply join the free Achievement Program. You’ll be part of a like-minded community of Victorian workplaces, schools and early childhood services making healthy, sustainable change. If you're already an Achievement Program member, log on to the portal and get started today!

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