Improving ventilation in workplaces

Improving ventilation in workplaces

Supporting workplaces and community settings to improve ventilation is key for Victorian business recovery and a safe Return-To-Work. Resources on building ventilation for workplaces are now available to help businesses, organisations and the community stay COVIDSafe.

Guidance on improving ventilation in rooms and spaces in your workplace is available here.

This new guidance can be incorporated into your COVIDSafe Plan. The guidance provides ways for businesses and building owners to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging air flow from outside. While businesses are not required to take steps to improve ventilation, all Victorians are encouraged to do what they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is airborne. It is primarily spread between people breathing in very small virus-containing droplets or aerosols. Improved ventilation indoors helps disperse these particles so encourage your workplace, and other organisations you work with to review the types of ventilation and how they can be improved.

The risk of aerosol transmission is higher if someone with COVID-19 is in a poorly ventilated space. This is because fine aerosol spray from an infected person can remain circulating, linger and spread to other people in a space more easily.

Simple ways to improve ventilation in your workplace can include:

  1. bring outside air in by opening windows and doors to increase air flow into a space from outside
  2. increase air flow by turning on ceiling fans or heating or air-conditioning units which filter air to maintain air quality
  3. move activities outdoors if possible
  4. improve air quality by:
  • servicing heating and cooling systems regularly
  • consider using portable filtration units to increase the clean air delivery rate and reduce the concentration of viral particles in the air
  • limit the number of people in a space and/or avoid interactions in confined or crowded spaces.

And don’t forget other COVIDSafe tools for your workplace, including hand washing, physical distancing and wearing masks.

Have you updated your COVIDSafe Plan to include improved ventilation? For more information, visit the CovidSafe workplaces website or call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15.

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