Increasing healthy eating and active living

Increasing healthy eating and active living

Healthy eating and active living are key elements of a long, healthy life. To support people to be as healthy as they can be, Victoria is focusing on a range of actions including:

  • introducing kilojoule labelling in fast food chains
  • increasing access to healthy food and drink options though Healthy Choices, the Healthy Eating Advisory Service and the Achievement Program
  • strengthening screening and early intervention for dental disease
  • encouraging healthy neighbourhood design to promote accessibility, active living, social connectedness and opportunities for daily contact with nature
  • promoting breastfeeding
  • increasing participation in sport and recreation.

Through these actions and more we are aiming to:

  • reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity
  • increase physical activity, reduce sedentary behaviour and increase active transport
  • reduce consumption of discretionary food and drink
  • increase fruit and vegetable consumption
  • increase breastfeeding
  • reduce type 2 diabetes.

Find out more of our actions here.

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