Kilojoule labelling on track for 2018

Kilojoule labelling on track for 2018

Approximately 3,500 food outlets across the state will be displaying kilojoule content on their menus as a result of new legislation on track for introduction in 2018.

Victoria's first ever mandatory kilojoule labelling scheme will require chain food outlets and supermarkets to display the kilojoule content of ready-to-eat food and drinks on menus, menu boards, price tags and online menus, allowing Victorians to make more informed decisions about food choices when eating out.

Similar labelling laws in New South Wales saw a 15% reduction in the kilojoule content of purchases after the labelling laws took effect.

The scheme will apply to large chain food businesses – with 20 or more outlets in Victoria or 50 or more outlets nationally and at least one in Victoria – and large chain supermarkets.

Approximately 50% of relevant outlets are already providing kilojoule labelling voluntarily, with more to follow as organisations such as Ferguson Plarre introduce changes ahead of the new legislation.

The Victorian Government will be offering free advice and support to help businesses prepare for the legislation.

What are you and your organisation doing in preparation for kilojoule labelling in 2018?
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