Let’s brush: Join Tash and Chomper for a brush-along

Let’s brush: Join Tash and Chomper for a brush-along

Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) has developed a new video, which has been translated and has subtitles, for children and families to encourage toothbrushing.

We know it can be tricky to get kids excited about taking care of their teeth, but it does not have to be a chore. DHSV asked Tash and ‘Chomper’, their favourite smiley crocodile, to show children how to have some fun when they brush their teeth.

In a 2-minute video, ‘Let’s brush’ , Tash and her animal friends, ‘Chomper’, monkey and lion, invite children to take an active role in brushing their teeth using child-friendly cues and gestures, ‘make a big monkey SMILE and give me a mighty lion ROAR!’ To help reach more families, the video has been translated, along with subtitles, in Arabic, Burmese and Vietnamese. There is also a ‘Let’s brush!’ poster to stick up in your bathroom (also translated) and a toothbrushing chart, ‘It’s fun to brush!’ to encourage a routine.

This fun and playful approach was developed in conjunction with early childhood professionals, in an effort to raise awareness about our teeth, dental health and toothbrushing in a child-friendly way. From a young age, children are interested in their bodies and so it’s a great time to talk to them about their teeth, the important jobs they do, and how to take care of them. At around age 3 or 4 years, children want to be more independent and can do more things to take care of themselves. To help children take a part in toothbrushing, the cues and actions in the ‘Let’s brush’ video are designed to capture children’s attention and support them to learn new skills.

A ‘Healthy Teeth’ booklet, comprising a collection of songs and activities and storybook ideas, provides opportunities for children and families to play and learn together, to create awareness about dental health and help build a positive attitude.

A big thanks goes the City of Melbourne Library Service and Tash, Children and Youth Services Librarian at Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, for their generous support to create the video. This work is the product of a valuable partnership initiated during Dental Health Week Storytime project a few years ago.

The ‘Let’s brush’ videos can be found here. Why not share these valuable resources with your organisation.

Download the story template!

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