Mapping a Smokefree Victoria

Mapping a Smokefree Victoria

For the first time, Victoria’s smokefree areas can be readily seen using Quit’s new interactive map.

Creating smokefree environments is a key step in creating healthier environments for communities. Smokefree public places have many benefits, including promoting anti-smoking social norms for children, reducing exposure to second–and thirdhand smoke, and assisting people who smoke to quit. With the support of VicHealth, Quit Victoria has developed an interactive 2D geospatial map of Victoria that visually displays community places that are smokefree.

Mapping smokefree coverage helps us to understand what has been achieved and identify where more work needs to be done. The map has many applications, including in planning, evaluation and advocacy.

The first iteration of the map, which displays public places where smoking and vaping is banned by legislation across Victoria, has been published and is now available on Quit's website together with user instructions.

Mapping legislated smokefree places is only the first step. The next step is to add smokefree public places that extend beyond legislative requirements. Quit is partnering with the City of Melbourne to develop and pilot a process for this. Future iterations of the map will show changes in smokefree coverage over time and include data dashboards showing proportions of LGA, types of places, etc., that are smokefree.

Check out Quit’s Map of Smokefree Victoria here. And start thinking about how you might be part of mapping or creating more smokefree environments for your community.

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