New digital platform maps health and liveability across Victorian cities

New digital platform maps health and liveability across Victorian cities

For the first time, Victorian policy makers, planners, health promotion and community wellbeing staff can use the platform to view maps to understand key elements of liveability in their local areas.

The Australian Urban Observatory is a new online tool for government, community health, organisations, students and members of the community wanting to understand and improve the health and liveability of their cities. The Observatory draws on over eight years of policy-relevant research by the Healthy Liveable Cities Group, within the Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University.

The Observatory uses geographic information system spatial maps to display public health data across key areas of liveability: walkability, public transport, social infrastructure and services, employment, food, housing and public open space. It transforms complex urban data into easily understood liveability maps across Australia’s 21 largest cities, including Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Geelong.

The Observatory provides users with a clear understanding of the liveability of their cities, and direction on creating healthy and liveable places for all members of the community.

Policy makers looking to encourage active lifestyles for residents can easily access and understand key ingredients of liveability – like walkability, access to schools, public transport, and public open spaces – to decide which areas and people need resources the most.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shone a light on the liveability of neighbourhoods. Access to public open space, walking and cycling paths has been of critical importance for mental and physical health during lockdown.

Register now to view liveability indicators at the local government area level. Organisations that wish to obtain access at the suburb or neighbourhood level are invited to become a project partner. Only results for the Liveability Index and Social Infrastructure Index are free at the suburb or neighbourhood level and other indicators require a funding partnership.

For further details go to the Australian Urban Observatory or contact them via email.

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