Peninsula Health is supporting sporting clubs to BUTT out

Peninsula Health is supporting sporting clubs to BUTT out

Peninsula Health has supported the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League to go completely smoke free; going above and beyond the legislative requirements with no smoking permitted at any ground or in any club facilities at any time during any junior event, training session or game.

The aim of Peninsula Health’s Healthy Sporting Clubs initiative is to change the acceptability of smoking behaviours in sporting club environments through: engaging partners and stakeholders; changes to policy and the physical environment; and provision of information and education. Strong partnerships were formed with the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League, Good Sports, Quit Victoria, and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. Implementation was guided by Quit Victoria’s Going smoke free: a guide for sporting clubs which provides a process for assisting sporting clubs to become smoke free. All clubs were supported to: sign a smoke-free charter; promote smoke-free legislation; celebrate success through the League’s website, local and social media; and launch the League’s smoke-free status through a Quit Challenge Round.

Through creating smoke-free environments, the League:

  • provided the children and young people with a healthy, smoke-free environment in which to play,
  • reduced exposure to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke for all
  • reduced perceptions that smoking is a social norm so that children do not see it as something that adults do, and
  • supported people who smoke to quit and stay quit.
  • As a result, 131 teams, 15 clubs and 4,400 registered players plus officials, totalling over 8,000 community members, have access to smoke-free environments, better health and quit support. With smoking rates in some areas of the catchment being as high as 27% (State average is 13%), this has been a significant achievement.

    For the latest in tobacco policy and resources for your community or organisation, visit the Quit resource centre.

    What are you and your organisation doing to support sporting clubs to BUTT out?
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