Promoting health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Promoting health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Achievement Program team have hand-picked resources for workplaces and school and early years settings to help support health and wellbeing in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19). The team recognised early on that the sheer volume of information about health and wellbeing during the pandemic could be overwhelming, so their approach has been to provide trusted resources and fun ideas for their members.

Resources cover topics including mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating, physical activity and movement, safe environments, smoking, and alcohol and other drugs. Check the website regularly for new additions.

Because we're all in this together, the team have also been speaking to children and adults from different schools and workplaces across Victoria to hear the innovative, entertaining and positive ways they’re promoting health and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some inspiring wellbeing initiatives include:

  • A Wellbeing Bingo game: children tick off bingo boxes by completing healthy activities such as a random act of kindness, a backyard obstacle course, or taking time to out to listen to music
  • A Cookbook Club: online fortnightly, a team member chooses a cookbook and everyone in the team selects a recipe from the book to cook, the team then share images and discuss their healthy and delicious creations
  • Squat O’clock: a daily squat challenge to get children and families moving more
  • An online wellness room: to encourage workplace wellness from wherever you are, this virtual space is where staff can get involved in virtual lunches, trivia, and a daily dose of humour and feel-good stories.

You can find more ideas for workplaces and education settings on the website.

The Achievement Program has been working with Victorian workplaces, schools and early childhood services since 2012 and reaches approximately 800,000 Victorians. Working with health promotion organisations across Victoria, the Achievement Program team of trained professionals can offer advice and support to members when they need it.

The Achievement Program is supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Cancer Council Victoria. Their vision is for every Victorian to be healthy, well and participate - at work, in school or in early childhood care.

All agencies and staff are encouraged to keep up-to-date with current coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and information available on the Department of Health and Human Services websites Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or Coronavirus COVID-19 daily update or through the department’s Coronavirus hotline (1800 675 398, 24 hours/day).

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