Public Health and Wellbeing Forum 2017 – Outcomes thinking in action

Public Health and Wellbeing Forum 2017 – Outcomes thinking in action

Agencies across the state are applying outcomes thinking to improve local health and wellbeing.

Over 130 people came to this year’s annual Public Health and Wellbeing Forum which focussed on outcomes thinking in action.

Representatives from a wide range of agencies – including local government, health services, not-for-profit organisations, non-government peak bodies, universities, primary care partnerships, primary care networks and state government departments – came to learn more about outcomes thinking and to share experiences using outcomes thinking.

Presenters from three organisations spoke about how outcomes thinking has been applied in their organisation – including what has and hasn’t worked, key learnings, challenges and benefits. There was great interest in how each of the presenters worked collaboratively with other agencies, how resource sharing was encouraged, and how they measured the outcomes achieved.

Forum participants generously shared their experience of applying outcomes thinking and discussed potential enablers that could strengthen its application. This included strong collaboration, workforce development, and data accessibility.

Presenters and Forum participants stressed the need for the story of health and wellbeing to be told – not only through data but through story.

The Forum provided a great opportunity for people from the broad range of sectors that contribute to improved health and wellbeing to share their knowledge and expertise about working towards local health and wellbeing outcomes.

Further information about outcomes thinking can be found here

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