Reducing harmful alcohol and drug use

Reducing harmful alcohol and drug use

We are continuing to focus our efforts on reducing alcohol- and drug-related health risks, injuries and violence. We are focusing on a range of actions to support the health and wellbeing of Victorians, including:

  • implementing a 'real time' prescription monitoring system to allow pharmacists and doctors to make more informed decisions when prescribing and dispensing medications of dependence
  • implementing the Ice Action Plan to prevent and reduce ice and other drug-related harm
  • improving access to information, referral to treatment and support for people to recover from drug addiction
  • assisting workplaces and schools to make changes to their policies, culture and environment to promote responsible alcohol consumption, through theAchievement Program.

Through these actions and more we are aiming to:

  • reduce harmful alcohol consumption
  • reduce alcohol consumption during pregnancy
  • reduce illicit use of drugs
  • reduce the impact of illicit drug use>
  • reduce the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

Find out more of our actions here.

What are you and your organisation doing to reduce harmful alcohol and drug use?
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