Start your Achievement Program journey in 2020

Start your Achievement Program journey in 2020

Yarra Glen Primary School has received its first Health Priority Area recognition 12 months into their Achievement Program journey.

Since registering for the Achievement Program in December 2018, and with the support of their newly created wellbeing team, wellbeing coordinator, and the health promotion team at Eastern Health, Yarra Glen Primary School has implemented initiatives to promote wellbeing for staff, students and families.

Guided by the Achievement Program’s whole-of-school approach, the school introduced creative initiatives not only for students but for staff, families and the community. Teachers have introduced mental wellbeing into teaching and learning programs including topics such as growth mindset, persistence, decision making and mindfulness, supported by professional development in Smiling Mind and Rock and Water: a program which promotes self-awareness, self-confidence and social functioning.

At the community level, inclusive culture and diversity are promoted by Yarra Glen Primary School taking part in Harmony Day, R U OK? Day, World Kindness Day and Indonesian Café – a school lead initiative which involves classroom programs and community involvement. Their journey provides a fantastic example for others interested in undertaking the Mental Health and Wellbeing Health Priority Area and showcases the difference the Achievement Program can make.

The Achievement Program can support your early childhood service, school or workplace by providing:

  • resources including practical tools, templates and action plans
  • support from our program staff and wide network of regional health promoters to help you achieve your goals
  • recognition by the Victoria Government.

It’s a free program supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Cancer Council Victoria

The Achievement Program supports Victorian workplaces, schools and early childhood services to create healthy places for working, learning and living. Start your journey in 2020.

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