Staying healthy and active at home

Staying healthy and active at home

A focus of the Integrated Health Promotion and Prevention Network (IHPPN) across the Grampians Pyrenees catchment is to demonstrate leadership and innovation. So, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) journey began, the network took their expertise to a digital platform to support people who were working from home.

The network supports the broader health promotion workforce in the Grampians Pyrenees catchment to influence health outcomes across the region. As staff were being reassigned to coronavirus (COVID-19) related work and starting to work from home the network members collaborated to produce a series of videos that demonstrate a range of activities that are simple and easy for people to do from the comfort of their homes that will help to support an active and healthy body and mind.

Member organisations include: the Beaufort and Skipton Health Service, East Grampians Health Service, East Wimmera Health Service, Grampians Community Health, Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership, Maryborough and District Health Service and Stawell Regional Health.

With the network focus areas being on increasing healthy eating, increasing active living and improving mental wellbeing, five videos were developed:

These videos have been cross promoted via the IHPPN internally to staff and more broadly through networks using newsletters, websites and on social media.

The videos are continuing to reach a broad audience that include members of the general public, staff and community members from across the health services who are at home in isolation or working from home. The videos have been viewed over 2,400 times, receiving positive feedback and engagement with over 100 likes, comments, and shares. This was also a fun little exercise for our IHPPN to trial using video making software, which has enhanced our skills for the future.

Visit the Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership’s website to view and even try out some of these videos!

Feel free to share these videos with your colleagues, friends and family and encourage them to keep active and healthy.

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