“Supporting early childhood services to deliver healthy eating and good oral health culture”

Supporting early childhood services to deliver healthy eating and good oral health culture

Are you looking for inspiration and support in promoting healthy eating and oral health for the early childhood services you work with? Did you know there is help out there to achieve just that?

A group of like-minded prevention focused organisations in Victoria have developed an infographic resource to explain and highlight the services available to early childhood organisations when seeking support for healthy eating and oral health promotion.

This free resource provides an overview of the programs and services available, and how they fit into supporting all areas of an early childhood service including curriculum, policies and practices. These services and programs can be accessed on their own or, even better, used together to support a healthy eating culture and promote good oral health.

Matron Swinton Childcare Centre utilised several services to help the children in their care establish healthy eating and oral health habits and meet their learning and development needs. Their story demonstrates how together these programs can help deliver a healthy and positive learning environment.

Alicia Bates, kindergarten teacher and educational leader at Matron Swinton, said that being supported every step of the way has made promoting healthy eating a rewarding experience for everyone.

“Our service has appreciated the tailored support we’ve received from our local health promoter and the community programs to deliver positive change,” Ms Bates said.

Visit the HEAS website for more details.

Whether you use one or many of the services, they are here to help. Check out the infographic to see the support available to your local early childhood services.

Download the story template!

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