Bellbridge Primary School students receiving their Active Travel Award from Bicycle Network Victoria

Taking a systems approach to active travel and injury prevention

The Wyndham Active Travel Schools initiative is successfully tackling traffic congestion and road safety near local schools, and supporting increased physical activity among staff and students.

The Wyndham Active Travel Schools initiative is not one project but many interconnected efforts, impacting on the community in multiple ways for maximum impact.

The initiative is:

  • supporting and empowering twelve local schools to develop School Travel Plans
  • coordinating a council-wide approach to active travel in schools
  • addressing infrastructure issues through capital works and funding applications
  • creating an active travel network to share experiences and resources across schools
  • brokering a partnership between schools and community partners to increase capacity and support for active transport
  • developing strong partnerships with Bicycle Network and Victoria Walks
  • aligning active travel with the Achievement Program to ensure long lasting change
  • aligning the active travel strategy to the existing council strategies to increase the health and wellbeing of children and families
  • working to ensure active travel is on the agenda at new schools in this rapidly growing community
  • developing leadership within schools to leverage change across this local community.

As a result, active travel is increasing among staff and students, with one Wyndham school receiving statewide recognition from the Bicycle Network Victoria for the highest active travel rates in Victoria (65%) for two consecutive terms.

The local transport system is now changing to increase health and safety for Wyndham students.

How are you and your organisation taking a systems approach to increase physical activity and injury prevention?
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