The healthy vending online assessment tool is here!

The healthy vending online assessment tool is here!

Supplying healthier food and drinks is now even easier with the launch of a world first free online vending machine assessment tool.

The newly developed online Healthy Vending Assessment tool helps to determine if vending machines meet the Victorian Government standards for providing healthy choices, as set out in the Healthy Choices guidelines. This new online tool is available for all Victorian organisations with vending machines on their premises.

After completing the online assessment, organisations receive a report outlining how healthy the vending machine is according to the Healthy Choices guidelines. The report also provides information and recommendations for next steps. This may include help to meet classification requirements, product positioning or vending machine branding.

Organisations with vending machines that meet, or are working towards, the Healthy Choices standards will be eligible to use the official Healthy Choices marketing material.

Further work is underway to introduce online assessments for catering and menus. These should be available later in the year.

Register for your online vending assessment at HEAS healthy vending.

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