Three steps to a healthy canteen

Three steps to a healthy canteen

Buckley Park Secondary College canteen has seen sales start to increase since they implemented the Victorian School Canteen and Other School Food Services Policy with the assistance of the Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

Here’s how they did it.

  1. They started by establishing a nutrition committee made up of both staff and students to lead the changes.
  2. They updated the school nutrition policy and promoted it through the school’s website and handbooks. This was to ensure the school community was not only aware of the healthy eating priorities, but also helped to build long-term support.
  3. They took the time to survey students, families, volunteer parents and teachers to identify which of the trialled healthy food and drinks they preferred. This ensured a high uptake of the new healthier menu items.

Since starting this process a range of changes have been made, focused on introducing healthy options and more variety, rather than removing foods.

The end result is a healthier canteen for staff and students.

For more information on how the Healthy Eating Advisory Service can support healthy change at your school visit the HEAS website.

What steps is your school taking to support a healthy canteen?
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