Tobacco-free living

Tobacco-free living

While smoking rates have decreased significantly over the past 30 years, we want the decline in smoking to be experienced equally across the whole population. To do this, Victoria is focusing on a range of actions including:

  • de-normalising smoking through anti-smoking social marketing campaigns
  • banning smoking in outdoor dining areas and regulating e-cigarettes from 1 August 2017
  • offering smoking cessation support to all Victorians and providing specific support to Aboriginal Victorians
  • offering smoking cessation support to people being admitted into hospitals and people attending GPs, mental health and dental services.

Through these actions and more we are aiming to

  • reduce smoking
  • reduce smoking during pregnancy and exposure to tobacco smoke in the home.

Find out more of our actions here.

What are you and your organisation doing to support tobacco-free living?
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