Vape Escape: The Hidden Dangers of Vaping

Vape Escape: The Hidden Dangers of Vaping

Young people are taking up vaping at alarming rates in the City of Yarra but a lot of their questions remain unanswered. North Richmond Community Health (NRCH) sought to identify what was fuelling the surge in e-cigarette and vaping use, especially among young people in Yarra, what their experience of vaping is and how they can access supports to quit.

This podcast series was developed by young people, for young people, to provide accurate information and share their stories of vaping. Many young people have experience with vaping but know very little about its impacts. This podcast explores the myths and truths of vaping and tools for young people to reduce tobacco related harms.

Some people believe vaping can serve as a harm reduction tool for smokers looking to quit, others think vaping is just the latest trend being promoted by social media influencers, while health professionals fear vaping could be even more harmful than cigarettes.

By creating this podcast series, NRCH wanted to provide a reliable source of information and insights into different vaping products, terminology, safety tips and the potential risks and benefits of vaping compared to other forms of tobacco use.

The podcast also gave young people in the City of Yarra a platform to share personal stories, including why they started vaping, the negative effects they experienced and how they successfully quit. The podcast has had a positive impact, resulting in more young people in Yarra discussing the health impacts of vaping and sharing information with one another.

Partnering with QUIT Victoria, Cancer Council Victoria, and Yarra Youth Services ensured this podcast series was evidence based, relatable, and informative. The podcast also shares some practical steps organisations can take to tackle this issue in their work. Please click on the link to listen to the podcast here , noting that part two and three are at the bottom of the page link.

NRCH encourages all practitioners working in the tobacco harm reduction space to consider practical ways they can address vaping in their communities, and to educate young people to be more aware of the harms associated with vaping.

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