Vaping is prohibited in smoke-free areas

Vaping is prohibited in smoke-free areas

Vaping (use of e-cigarettes) has become increasingly more common over time and many people who have never smoked are now using e-cigarette products. This is contributing to a lack of understanding in the community that the laws that apply to smoking, also apply to vaping.

The Department of Health has developed ‘No Smoking or Vaping’ signage to ensure that people are aware that vaping is also prohibited in smoke-free areas.

While the long-term impacts are still unknown, e-cigarette products contain a variety of chemicals and toxins that have the potential to cause adverse health effects. These chemicals and particulate matter have been identified in the aerosol emitted from e-cigarettes which means that bystanders are at risk of harm.

In 2017, the Tobacco Act 1987 was amended to regulate e-cigarette products in the same way as tobacco products. Effectively, vaping is prohibited in smoke-free areas including schools, kindergartens and childcare centres, playgrounds and skate parks, hospitals and health care facilities, government buildings, outdoor dining areas, enclosed workplaces, train platforms, and bus and tram shelters. For a comprehensive list of smoke-free settings, please visit the smoke-free areas page on the Department of Health website.

A3 metal ‘No Smoking or Vaping’ signage is currently available for schools, kindergartens and childcare centres to order via the Tobacco Control webpage. For all other venues and smoke-free settings, PDF copies of the ‘No Smoking or Vaping’ signage is available to download and print here. The Tobacco Act 1987 currently only makes reference to ‘No Smoking’ signage, so use of the ‘No Smoking or Vaping’ signage is voluntary.

People responsible for smoke-free settings and areas are encouraged to order, or download and print, signage via the 'Resources and Factsheets’ page on the website. If you have concerns about someone vaping in a smoke-free area, please contact your local council.

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