Working differently to deliver place-based health improvements

Working differently to deliver place-based health improvements

Monash Health is working in partnership with three local governments to deliver contemporary, place-based health promotion via the Achievement Program. To date, they are supporting over 280 education settings and 120 workplaces to make long-term change to their policies, environment and culture to make it easier for people to be healthy.

Supporting multiple settings across a broad geographical area requires a different approach. To deliver on this, Monash Health, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Casey, Cardinia Shire Council, together with local partners are:

  • using the Achievement Program’s online portal to gain a quick and easy snap shot of local participation, progress and priority areas
  • developing and facilitating network meetings/clusters to link organisations together and create supportive communities of practice (e.g., local business network, local healthy children’s network)
  • linking organisations to existing support services that are aligned with key health priority areas
  • using existing local professional development networks to build momentum and encourage collaboration
  • leading a 'Prevention Leadership Group' to drive contemporary health promotion practice and prioritise regional responses to issues in the South East.

This approach has required a re-alignment of staff and activities across the region to ensure consistency and to support prevention at a scale to impact thousands of local residents.

This is just one example of how organisations are supporting over 2,200 education settings and 930 workplaces across Victoria to create healthier environments using the Achievement Program.

You can find out more information on the Achievement Program here.

How are you and your organisation working differently to deliver place-based health improvements?
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