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Number of young smokers on the decline

The majority of the adult population who smoke, started smoking as an adolescent. If we can prevent young people from starting smoking, they are less likely to smoke in adulthood.

The next State public health and wellbeing plan

This September will see the launch of the third State public health and wellbeing plan 2019–2023 (the plan). Legislated under Victoria’s Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, the Minister for Health is required to prepare a State public health and wellbeing plan every four years from September 2011.

Screen Free Day on the 1st of May

Watching TV and playing computer games are common activities for kids BUT kids who spend long periods of time inactive are more likely to have poor physical, social and intellectual development.

Healthier smiles for Loddon Mallee Aboriginal kids

Children living in rural areas continue to experience higher rates of hospital admissions for tooth decay. For non-fluoridated towns across the Loddon Mallee, fluoride varnish, applied twice a year, can be highly effective in stopping tooth decay among Aboriginal children and preventing oral disease in the future.

Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest

Connecting and extending green space and canopy cover are just a couple of initiatives in a new metropolitan wide urban forest strategy for Melbourne called Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest. The strategy is a first for Australia, and one of the first in the world, and will support Melbourne’s rapidly growing city to protect and strengthen its natural assets.

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